Grounds For Objection Template

R343,85 Including VAT

These templates are based on what the Unicus Tax Team uses in practice and have no doubt contributed to our impeccable track record of resolving disputes in favour of taxpayers. Not only are they designed to assist in making sure all requirements are satisfied, they also force the drafter to think in a structured way thereby forcing the drafter to identify what is important to address and making sure the correspondence stays on point and is relevant to the issue at hand.


By downloading this template you accept the following:  Please note that this template does not act as substitute for the prescribed SARS forms. The relevant form prescribed by SARS must still be submitted. These templates may be used to support the prescribed forms. Please also note that each case is unique and that the templates may require some adjustment depending in the case at hand. These templates do not in any way guarantee any particular outcome. Securing positive outcomes from SARS requires good use of this template,  a thorough understanding of the facts and the law appliable to your case, and good drafting skills, to name but a few requirements to achieving good results. Unicus Tax its employees, directors or shareholders will not be liable for any damage whatsoever caused from the use of or reliance on these templates.