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This platform offers you fast access to accredited in-depth tax training, done on your own terms at your own pace.  

Unicus Tax Academy is a SAIT (South African Institute of Taxation) accredited verifiable output CPD (Continuous Professional Development) tax training provider. The Academy was born out of Unicus Tax Specialists SA, a specialist, tax exclusive services firm which in turn was founded by Nico Theron.  Unicus Tax Academy strives first and foremost to up skill tax professionals and aspiring tax professionals whilst a secondary goal is to assist tax professionals in practice to meet their verifiable output CPD requirements.

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Comprehensive TAA in Practice

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Our comprehensive TAA (Tax Administration Act) in practice tax training course covers the following topics over 4 modules:

  • Assessments
  • Prescription
  • SARS’ pre-assessment obligations
  • Tax refunds objections, and appeals
  • Remedies other than objection and appeal
  • The voluntary disclosure program
  • Advance tax rulings
  • Penalties and penalty remittance grounds and procedures
  • Tax registrations
  • Onus of proof
  • Suspension of payment
  • Returns and the duty to keep records

We make sure that when we teach something, we don’t simply rehash the sections. Our aim is to really give you value and upskill you so you can do your job better.tax 

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Our Tax Training Courses

Our tax training always seeks to achieve a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application of same. Our trainers are actively involved in the application of taxation laws in practice on a daily basis. We understand that simply rehashing the law in different words without any insight and without some indication as to how it applies in practice adds no value, is an insult to most tax professionals and a waste of time for those tax professionals and aspiring tax professionals who strive for excellence.  Our training seeks to add actual value to your professional lives.     

All our tax training modules are completed only once a thorough questionnaire has been completed and passed. Bear in mind –  since our primary goal is to improve skill, our questionnaires may be experienced as slightly more challenging than what you may have become accustomed to. Once the module is completed, you will receive a certificate which you may use to support your CDP hours with the South African Institute of Tax Professionals. 

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Expert Trainers

The Trainer

Nico Theron CTA (SA)

Nico is an industry recognised tax expert and Chartered Tax Advisor (SA) BCom Law (Cum laude); LLM (Tax Law); BCom Honours Taxation and MCom Taxation (SA and International Tax)), often training other tax professionals across South Africa at the request of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT), lectures tax at post graduate level at the University of Pretoria, and is also the author of Practical Guide to Handling Tax Disputes, a book published by Lexis Nexis regarding all the remedies available to taxpayers to challenge SARS’ assessments and decisions. Nico also serves as the Chairman of the SAIT’ Tax Administration Technical Work Group.